Speaker of the House

Article 1, Section 2 of the Constitution of the United States provides that the House of Representatives is to choose a presiding officer to be known as the Speaker of the House. Such a position became necessary as the Founding Fathers looked for a way to have checks and balances among the branches of government since they had rejected a parliamentary form of government that would have had a prime minister serving as leader in both the executive and legislative branches at the same time.

What is on the ballot?

The results of this election will determine the direction Virginia takes on many crucial issues, including responsible fiscal management, expanding workers' rights, sustainable transportation, abortion access, energy policy, and excellence in education.

Appropriations Committee Meeting News

Revenue is exceeding predictions; will there be a recession?


Virginia and Its Regions

As a native Virginian growing up in the Valley region, I can still remember learning about the other geographic regions of the Commonwealth. While much of the emphasis on the differences among the regions was geographic and natural, the differences I have come to know are much broader and deeper than grade school students could grasp.

Early Education Pays Off

Of the many educational programs that have been funded by all levels of government and the private sector, none have had as many positive, continuing impacts on participants as expenditures on early childhood education. There is a huge body of research proving the point.

No Gambling Casino for Reston

Some news that is now nearly a year old got renewed attention recently causing many people in our community to become very concerned.

Fall is Here, A Casino Too!

Yes, a casino! In Reston!? It is hard for me to imagine a worse idea.

Looming Crisis

Understanding the impacts and consequences of a Government Shutdown

Government shutdown

A Place at the Table for Everyone Born

Some catchy phrases that led to success at the ballot box resulted in some terrible public policies.

Letter: Eliminating Animal Protection Police?

Letter to the Editor

Beyer Shares Constituent Stories Of Hardship From 2018-19 Government Shutdown

Shutdowns are very bad, actually.


Keeping a Republic

History records that at the end of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787 Benjamin Franklin who was the senior member of the Convention was asked what kind of government the delegates who had sweltered through months of heat and compromises had produced. His oft-quoted response was “a republic if we can keep it.”

Early Voting Begins September 22nd

Get ready for the upcoming November General Election in Fairfax County, where all 140 seats in the Virginia General Assembly are up for grabs. Along with Senate and House seats, 12 other local offices are on the ballot, including Clerk of Court, Commonwealth’s Attorney, Sheriff, Chairman of Board of Supervisors, District Supervisor, School Board Members At-Large, District School Board Member, and Soil and Water Board Members.

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Seniors Thrive in South Fairfax

Dedicated, beautiful 55+ communities like Spring Hill, The Fairfax, Gum Springs Glen and the new North Hill make the Mount Vernon District a great place to age in place.