Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Pledge to Count Every Vote

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Pledge to Count Every Vote

In this anxious time, the vast majority of citizens hope to maintain the stability of a civil society, free from violent rhetoric and violent acts. Threats to our electoral process put stability at risk. We must all stand firm for a fair election and peaceful transfer of power. A few residents of Northern Virginia have put together a campaign to give our elected leaders the opportunity to demonstrate their resolve by signing this pledge on the Count Every Vote! VA website. (www.CountEveryVoteVA.com)


  • Vote and publicly encourage my constituents to vote.

  • Insist on counting of all lawful ballots under applicable state law before agreeing that election results are legitimate.

  • Inform my constituents that I will take all measures available to me to contest any results that do not include the counting of all lawful votes.

  • Publicly support people who peaceably demonstrate in favor of all votes being counted.

  • Insist on a peaceful transfer of power if a complete and legal vote count requires it.

If you are a Virginia elected official, at any level of government and on either side of the aisle, please make this pledge. And if you are not, please write and call our leaders and encourage them to do so.

Margaret Fisher