Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Black Lives Matter

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Black Lives Matter

The people of our nation are being attacked by the very system that is required by law to help them, serve them, and protect them from crimes against them. While this is the Police force's job, they are rather doing the opposite. They are taking the lives of people who are supposed to be protected. These hate crimes have been going on for CENTURIES. So much of our government system has been changed to make the United States of America the best country in the world, but now, as everyone is seeing in the news, America is no longer taking Black lives into account. Black lives matter whether the racist people of America and our Government think so. BLACK LIVES MATTER. They are not slaves. They are not servants. They are NOT to be punished for the color of their skin. THEY ARE PEOPLE. THEY WERE PEOPLE BEFORE WE TOOK THEM TO THE AMERICAS FOR SLAVES. THEY WILL BE PEOPLE AND THEY WILL HAVE OUR SUPPORT.

Our leaders, including Don Beyer, need to help their people protect their rights and lives.

Molly Hamrin