Become a Fairfax County Census Partner

Become a Fairfax County Census Partner

The 2020 Census is fast approaching and we need your help encouraging your neighbors to participate. The Census only happens once every ten years, and it’s crucial that everyone is counted. It’s estimated that Northern Virginia loses $1,200 in potential annual funding for every resident who does not respond to the Census. That is money we could lose for education, healthcare, housing, infrastructure, roads and a host of other services that the government provides. Help us make sure everyone is counted. By becoming a Fairfax County Census Partner, your organization, business or faith community can make a real difference.

Help people across in our community by becoming a Fairfax County Census Partner! Data collected from the 2020 Census is used to plan and provide services and support for our community. By encouraging your community, customers, and network to participate in the 2020 Census you in turn are making a difference in our future.

Here is What You Do:

Sign up to be a Partner Organization through the form below.

Share information about the importance of participating in Census 2020 across your networks (We'll will provide regular updates for you to share).

Encourage everyone to Be Counted in Census 2020 between March–May 2020.

Benefits of Becoming a Census Partner:

Receive regular updates on 2020 Census news to share with across your network.

Access to the Fairfax County Census Partner Communications Toolkit including: posters, fact sheets and other flyers for your organization in multiple languages.