Some Questions About Recycling in Arlington

Some Questions About Recycling in Arlington

Solid Waste Division working to update website.

Sometimes recycling defies logic, which is why it’s a good idea to ask if you aren’t sure. Arlington’s Solid Waste Division has a website with a tool (“where does it go?”) you can use to query the database, but sometimes it isn’t comprehensive enough. Never fear, Ursula Escoto, the administrative technician at Arlington County’s Solid Waste Bureau, and her colleagues are happy to answer your questions and, when you ask, it adds to the database. Some of her recent answers:

  • Empty plastic jar of cold cream. No recycling marks on it. – Recycling cart.

  • Wine cork – Trash cart or take back programs from stores such as Total Wine or Mom’s Organic

  • 12 oz dixie cup - paper inside, outside feels like foam – Trash cart

  • Plastic top of milk carton - on or off? – On, recycling cart.

  • Old school binders – Trash cart

  • Cardboard shred used as packing material - Trash cart

  • Plastic cups number 2 – Recycle cart

  • Used ballpoint pen – Trash cart

  • Butcher paper – Trash cart

  • Brita filters - can be recycled through Brita

Still have a question? Visit and the email query is on the same page.