Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Keep Tree Lights On

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Keep Tree Lights On

To the City Council and the public in Alexandria:

Recently it dawned on me that with all the ideas flowing into the city about alternatives to bolster the traffic flow for the businesses that depend largely on the Metro that the soon-to-come shut down of the service has one thing left that has not been explored and, if it has, it was done when the times didn’t need it .

I’m talking about not just the buses running more frequently but to keep the tree lights on through the Metro closure from Memorial Day through Labor Day. It seems to me that the rustle of the leaves in the summer will make the lights sparkle even more and the glimmer will inspire those who do come to see the new city and the new river front all lit up like other famous cities are.

So what I’m trying to say is: Don’t turn off the lights, keep them on. Keep the city lights on. The entire city needs to sparkle not just the riverfront and we are so happy with that. We must remember there is more to Alexandria than the riverfront.

David M. Martin

Gold Works USA