Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Right Priorities

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Right Priorities

Here in Northern Virginia, two major issues threaten our communities on a daily basis: violent gangs like MS-13 and the opioid epidemic. I am proud to see Republican gubernatorial nominee Ed Gillespie putting forward detailed plans to address both of these concerns.

As governor, Ed will be tough on gangs. He will ban sanctuary cities and work with federal law enforcement officers to deport violent criminals who are in Virginia illegally. He will secure funding for the Northern Virginia Regional Gang Task Force and will give our law enforcement officers the support and resources that they need to keep our children safe. He knows that gangs are most harmful to immigrant communities, and he will work to keep all Virginians safe.

And when it comes to the opioid epidemic, Ed also takes a compassionate approach. He understands that addiction is a disease, not a moral failing, and he knows we cannot arrest our way out of the problem. Too many of our fellow Virginians fail to receive the treatment and counsel they need. Ed will make structural changes to fix this. He will educate our children about the danger of drugs early on, and make sure those who do develop drug addictions sent to treatment, not prison.

The goal of our next governor should be to do everything possible to keep Virginia families safe, and I trust Ed to keep my family safe. Join me in supporting him on Nov. 7.

Anna Lee