Mentor of The Month in Alexandria

Mentor of The Month in Alexandria

Reading and More

Marie Steinle and Kevin

Marie Steinle and Kevin

From the Tutor/Mentor, Marie Steinle

After moving to Alexandria, I knew I wanted to get more involved in the community. I had previously tutored adults in reading and thought it would be fun and a challenge to tutor a child.

Kevin was just beginning third grade when we met. He was a hesitant and reluctant reader. We started very slowly with basic picture books and have moved on to chapter books. He has made good progress, and now in fifth grade, he reads more fluently and self corrects when he makes mistakes. Kevin’s confidence has increased along with his improved reading. He asks more questions and now he picks about half the books we read.

We work hard during our sessions but we have fun too. In addition to reading, writing and grammar worksheets we play word games. Hangman is a favorite.

We also attend some of the monthly Wright to Read programs like the Holiday dinner at IHOP, and the annual picnic. If there is a meal, we are usually there! This past summer we took advantage of some of the programs at the Alexandria Libraries. A highlight for Kevin was petting the albino boa constrictor.

I could not do this alone, but Wright to Read has great resources for tutor/mentors and students so I always feel supported. Thank you Luisa and Jaime. I also would like to send a special thank you to the children’s librarians at Beatley Library for all their help.

From the student, Kevin

I have been working with Ms. Marie since I was in third grade and now I’m in fifth grade. We read books together then do worksheets. We play word games on Ms. Marie’s table. She helps me with my reading and writing. Before I was reading picture books and now I’m reading chapter books. We read what I like. I think we have read over 10 books about soccer. Working with Ms. Marie, I think I have learned over 900 new words.

Ms. Marie and I go do the activities at the library. The summer program with reptiles and boa constrictors was one of my favorites. I also enjoy the Wright to Read activities. They are cool and fun. The picnic in June was fun and there were a lot of games. My favorite was the Cake Walk. The best place we visited is Huntley Meadows. I felt adventurous in the woods. Another favorite Wright to Read experience has been Readers Take the Stage. I was so scared until I told myself, “I got this.” I stopped worrying about it and got in front of the group and read my story.

Ms. Marie is the best because she spends time with me and takes me places. She also gives me snacks. One of my favorite snacks was a trail mix as well as clementines. She has helped me learn new stuff and I feel like I am more confident in reading aloud.

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