Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Vote in Primary

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Vote in Primary

The Virginia gubernatorial primary is coming up on June 13, and my choice for the Republican nominee is Ed Gillespie.

Ed knows what Virginia needs to start growing again. He’s putting forward policies to cut Virginians’ taxes, restore faith in our government, improve how our state government operates, boost job creation, and support small businesses.

Looking beyond the June primary, Ed is the candidate best positioned to win in November because he has demonstrated a commitment to serving as governor for all Virginians. He’s running a positive, issues-based

campaign of which we can all be proud.

Out on the trail, I’ve often heard Ed talk about how he we get our economy growing again. He believes that with all of valuable resources, Virginia should be in the top five states when it comes to economic growth — not the bottom five. His policies will make that vision a reality.

I am confident that together we can make Virginia the best state to do business. Ed Gillespie has my vote, and I hope you’ll support him, too.

Anna Lee