Opinion: Letter to the Editor: A Matter Of Respect

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: A Matter Of Respect

In honor of Memorial Day: What does it really mean for the hearts of those who waited for those to return from serving their country in war? We show we care as we honor and remember all that stood in the line of duty for our country.

As often I have written and shared my thoughts of what Memorial Day means to me, I think of those who do not know the reason or understand the meaning of our country’s observances this day.

I give thanks as I read the different stories of our veterans and those we lost. Does one not hear or read what it takes for someone to go to war for our country?

Through all of the years of war, just think: those who serve our country are keeping faith in our country while supported by letters of hope and love from loved ones.

Maybe that’s the reason I write often about the commemorative plaque on a rock at the Veterans Memorial Walkway along the bike path of the 500 block of South Columbus and Wilkes Street. Pedestrians would stop and read the plaque on this rock throughout the year. It has a meaning that can touch the hearts of those who just take a little time to read.

It reads: "Dedicated to the City of Alexandria and Alexandria's’ Veterans' Organizations On Veterans Day, Nov. 11, 1979, in Honored Memory of the Deceased Alexandria Veterans of all the United States wars.

“Their Service in War and Peace Contributed Greatly to the Welfare of Their Fellow Citizens … Charles E. Beatley, Jr., Mayor … Robert L. Calhoun, Vice Mayor ... Donald C. Casey, Councilman … Margaret B. Inman, Councilwoman ... Nelson E. Greene, Sr., Councilman … James P. Moran, Jr., Councilman ... Carlyle C. Ring, Jr., Councilman..."

In honor of all our men and women in uniform who have served and fought for our country are not forgotten: Thanks.

Geri Baldwin