Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Hostages to Bureaucracy?

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Hostages to Bureaucracy?

The signs are out: “Fully Fund Our Schools,” and the typical city response is to a new budget is to raise taxes. No leadership, no fiscally responsible budget planning — just unprecedented tax hikes.

These Democratic default tax hikes are the result of council’s robotic group-think and the city’s easy-way-out-response of its self-preservationist life-long bureaucrats.

Before raising taxes, has anyone considered compliance revenue collection from violators such as construction scofflaws, code violators, or even from those from external jurisdictions who use city services and enroll in our schools? You get what you accept Alexandria: increased taxes, declining city services, lagging infrastructure, poor schools, and inept city government.

Yes, the mayor, council and city manager say there are tough choices ahead, but for us this is not a tough choice. Throw them all out. The next election, send your message of discontent by draining the swamp in

Alexandria. Throw out these weak part-time leaders and elect real leaders who are not hostages to the city bureaucracy. Hold them all accountable to do their jobs — not just raise taxes.

Pat Phillips