Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Effect on Tourists?

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Effect on Tourists?

Regarding the destruction of the Naval Reserve Association Building, I know I am sick of all these developers coming in giving lots of money to take away our history. I have got to hand it to Del Pepper at the City Council meeting the other day, she told them $18,000 is a small amount to give to the city and they should “donate” more! It’s all about money.

This whole project is wrong. Don’t forget this is not the only approximately two-year project that will be going on at this end of King Street. We will lose at least 35 parking spaces at the King Street Metro when that project is complete, plus a six or seven story condominium will be constructed just behind the townhouses on King Street at the corner of Harvard. I hope all this construction does not take away the current tourists we have because this will be two years of hell.

Bea Porter