Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Where Were The Police?

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Where Were The Police?

Sunday, Mother’s Day, was a beautiful day and a delight to be outside enjoying this special day.

That is unless you were trying to navigate the corner of King and Union streets in Alexandria! It was chaotic — many cars, bicycles and many pedestrians but no police to help people navigate this packed corner.

Pedestrians crossed freely everywhere close to the corner — the use of crosswalks was obviously an infringement on their perceived right to cross the street when and where they wanted.

Bicycles, not bothered by any sense of courtesy, just plowed through — did they stop at corners? You jest — of course they did not!

But of course cars stopped — well they slowed down to a crawl at the intersection but if they didn't get their front end into the intersection, when could they cross, so stopping was not common (nor was courtesy on display).

So why weren't the police there to help?

I think I can predict on a pretty holiday in Alexandria, there will be significant pedestrian, bicycle and auto traffic at this specific corner. I am confident the city and police understand this as well.

What I don't understand is why won't they help relieve this congestion? Why not a stop light if police resources are overtaxed (no pun intended).

R Alan McCurry