Potomac News Brief

Potomac News Brief

Celebrate Memorial Day at Church

A remembrance of the men and women in each of the uniformed services will be held in the Faith and Freedom celebration at Potomac Presbyterian Church at 11 a.m., Sunday, May 28.

Members of the community are invited to join this tribute featuring the West Point Alumni Glee Club in its seventh annual Potomac performance. The Glee Club performs throughout the nation and will sing several songs honoring service men and women in appreciation of the sacrifices they have made for the country.

The worship service will feature remarks by U.S. General (ret.) William Hartzog examining the relationship between faith and freedom in the pursuit of peace. A special commemoration will be offered for those who have given their lives in service to their country. This gathering in our local community provides the opportunity for families both to learn and remember the meaning of Memorial Day and for veterans, military families and all citizens to honor those who have served and sacrificed to protect freedom.

The church is located at 10301 River Road. For questions, call 301-299-6007 or email admin@potomacpresbyterian.org.