Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Time for a Change

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Time for a Change

I think it might be time for a change. After 20 years or so politicians tend to get too comfortable in their positions and stop hearing their constituents. I hope I'm wrong because I like her, but Supervisor Hudgins may be a case in point. (Chairperson Bulova, too.)

There are hundreds of people living along Glade Drive that vehemently oppose Bike Lanes that eliminate parking. But after attending the most biased and one-sided presentations on the issue I am worried that Bike Lanes are going to be forced on us.

I am not going to argue the pros and cons of Bike Lanes here. This is about the County implementing something that a majority of the people who actually live right off Glade do not want. Eliminating parking on Glade will have a significant negative impact on the residents here.

I do not know what mechanism Supervisor Hudgins is using to learn how most of us feel about this, but I hope she is not relying on the agenda driven Project Manager Adam Lind. He is determined to have Bike Lanes here. The two assistants he had with him at Hunter Mill Elementary quickly shot down any objections to having Bike Lanes. Then I participated in the most unscientific, unaccountable vote you could come up with to make it look as though the County was going to consider our feelings on this issue. Nearly half the people voting did not live off Glade yet had the same say as the people this is going to affect.

I hope Supervisor Hudgins and Chairperson Bulova take another look at this and prove me wrong that it is time for a change in leadership in Fairfax County Government.

Carol Trueblood