Letter to the Editor: School Libraries Empower Students

Letter to the Editor: School Libraries Empower Students

April is School Library Month and this year’s theme is “Because School Libraries Empower Students.” Unfortunately, a large percentage of parents, school administrators, and other community members are unaware of the vital role that school libraries play in students’ education, or the resources that they have to offer.

As certified teachers, school librarians empower students everyday through information literacy instruction, book talks, author visits, and collaboration with teachers. School libraries are transforming from quiet storehouses of knowledge into vibrant digital centers where students are able to not only access information, but create it. 3D printers, Legos, iPads, knitting centers, games and so much more are being infused into curriculum instruction and used to challenge students to creatively develop projects with real world applications.

Although the potential for student learning and empowerment in the school library is limitless, many decision makers have yet to realize the potential and necessity of a fully involved and well-funded school library program. For it is the school librarians who will help lead students as they step into the information age and it is the school library where students will explore their passions, engage their creativity, and hone their critical thinking skills.

Anna Gerhart