Letter to the Editor: Eradicate Bigotry

Letter to the Editor: Eradicate Bigotry

As a Muslim American, I am shocked and horrified to learn of the recent bomb threats aimed at Jewish community centers (JCC). Over 100 threats have been made against JCCs in several states since the beginning of this year, and the number only continues to increase.

Anti-Semitism has no place in the United States, a country built on religious freedom and diversity. As a Muslim, I strongly believe in everyone's right to freely practice their religion without the fear of harm or prejudice. Islam's holy book, the Quran states: "For you your religion, and for me my religion" (Chapter 109, Verse 7), and inculcates that religious tolerance is a vital part of the Islamic faith. As I ponder over these words, I urge my fellow Americans to come together to build bridges through dialogue and acceptance to eradicate the bigotry that has no place in our country.

Shumaila Ahmad