Letter to the Editor: Who Pays Taxes?

Letter to the Editor: Who Pays Taxes?

It is tax time again and one’s thoughts turn to the question of just who in America is paying the taxes that keep our country running. Who pays the expenses for the White House and the President as well as the security protection for him and his family here and on their worldwide trips? Who pays the salaries and benefits of our elected officials and their staffs? Who pays for our schools and libraries and for our roads and infrastructure? Who pays for police and fire protection? Who pays for government agencies and for our military and our veterans? Who pays for wars and walls and prisons? Who pays for public transportation? Who pays to help states when a natural disaster occurs? Who pays profitable businesses to move to our city, county or state or to stop them from leaving? The list goes on and on and on.

Big business tries to pay as little tax as possible with the help of loopholes or a move to another country or both. Rich people, with the help of tax laws, hire accountants and lawyers to help them pay as little tax as possible in this life and even when they’re dead. Heck, even our President pays no taxes and is very proud of that fact.

So, who is left to pay? The people who can least afford it!

Rebecca Horahan