Letter to the Editor: Power in Unity

Letter to the Editor: Power in Unity

With much excitement, I read Feb. 22 commentary titled “What Can I Do?” Author, Kenneth R. Plum, State Delegate (D-36) writes to inform the community about a chance to become involved and more active in civil service. As Plum is a State Delegate, his position in society allows and provides him with the connections to organize a Civil Engagement Workshop. Considering the current state of affairs within our nation, now more than ever, it is important to recognize there is power in unity and to seek to make personal connections with others in our community. Taking place March 11, Plum states that there will be 15 representatives at this event from different organizations that work towards social justice regarding one specific issue. Pulling from both political parties, Plum gathered a diverse group of representatives allowing attendees to feel welcomed to share and express their concerns. I applaud State Delegate Plum for facilitating this event and realizing that we all share a common thread if we have the chance to discuss it. By empowering ourselves and our neighbors, we open our eyes to our interdependence which is the greatest chance to change the direction that our nation is headed in. As I will be on spring break from college, I personally look forward to attending this event and encouraging my neighbors to attend as well.

Veronika Funke