To the Editor: Freeze Is Hurting Community

To the Editor: Freeze Is Hurting Community

The federal hiring freeze is hurting my family, my neighbors and my community. I live in Fairfax County. My husband and many of my neighbors work for the federal government. My husband’s department has already been cut many times over the years so there are barely enough employees to get the work done. And now the Trump administration is talking about 250,000 lay-offs in addition to the freeze. That number dwarfs what Mr. Trump claims he has created by threatening U.S. companies. Federal jobs are equally as important to our economy as private sector jobs. In fact, since they are good paying and secure jobs, they greatly contribute to the safety and wellbeing of our nation. We need to make our voices heard concerning the importance of maintaining our federal workforce. Tell your U.S. Congressman and Senators.

Peggy Pridemore