Adewusi Named Officer of the Month

Adewusi Named Officer of the Month

Traffic Enforcement Officer Olukemi “Kemi” Adewusi has been selected as an Officer of the Month for the Sully District Police Station. He was honored at a recent meeting of the station’s Citizens Advisory Committee.

“Kemi has been doing a great job for the Sully Station during the past year as the station Traffic Enforcement Officer,” wrote Lt. Todd Kinkead in nominating Adewusi for the award. “He also filled an opening that had been vacant for over nine months due to a retirement.”

Kinkead described Adewusi as “always cheerful and willing to assist in any way he can. He takes great pride in his work and takes all actions to resolve any parking issues and educate the callers and violators alike. This tactic builds trust and a community partnership. Countless calls have been received commending him for his great work and the time he spends on any particular issue to resolve it to his best abilities.”

Kinkead further noted that Adewusi’s parking citations consistently number more than 200 per month. “That adds up to a lot of opportunities to meet people and leave them smiling, after seeing his infectious smile,” wrote Kinkead. “No one likes receiving a parking citation, but Kemi has a way of leaving people with a greater understanding of the laws he is enforcing, along with a way to prevent future encounters. He is always able to see that there is a human being behind each vehicle he cites.”

All in all, added Kinkead, “TEO Adewusi is a dedicated employee and is very deserving of this recognition as Officer of the Month.”