Letter to the Editor: Experience Beau Soir

Letter to the Editor: Experience Beau Soir

For about the past decade and a half, the Old Presbyterian Meeting House has been hosting events called “Concerts with a Cause” several times a year. The concerts, which have featured a wide variety of musical groups from throughout the local metropolitan area, have been free and open to the public. At the intermissions, ushers have collected free-will offerings to benefit various worthy causes in and around Alexandria.

For example, on Sunday, Feb. 12, the Beau Soir Trio performed one of the best of these “Concerts with a Cause” in recent memory. While the individual instruments – flute, harp, and viola – can separately produce beautiful music, the outstanding abilities of the three artists combined the shimmering notes of the flute, the lyrical sounds of the harp, and the mellow tones of the viola to produce enchanting, harmonious melodies that were far more than just the sum of the parts. The musical selections ranged from the familiar, much-loved “Arioso for viola and harp,” by J. S. Bach, to “Slam Ahead,” by modern composer Don Davis. Each piece had been carefully selected to showcase the best of different combinations of the three instruments, and each was lovingly and beautifully rendered by the three accomplished musicians, who clearly enjoy performing together. The free-will offering collected at this event was donated to help support Neighborhood Health, an organization that provides affordable and accessible primary health care for people in Alexandria and neighboring communities.

Although it is unclear when the Meeting House may be able to schedule another “Concert with a Cause,” anyone wishing to experience the beautiful music provided by Beau Soir will have a number of opportunities to hear them play. On April 23, the group will perform at 2 p.m. at the Lyceum, at 201 South Washington St. in Alexandria. A full list of their forthcoming concerts can be found at beausoir.org.