Letter to the Editor: Concerned About Resolution Vote

Letter to the Editor: Concerned About Resolution Vote

On Feb. 22, the Virginia House of Delegates passed House Resolution No. 431 "Encouraging public institutions of higher education in the Commonwealth to protect free speech."

As the title implies, the common-sense Resolution simply encourages the protection of free speech rights ingrained in both the U.S. Constitution and Article I of the Constitution of Virginia.

Given the recent efforts by some to suppress free speech on college campuses, any Virginian reading the simple text of the Resolution should easily be able to say "yes, this makes sense." There is absolutely nothing controversial in the Resolution and it simply reinforces our right to Free Speech.

Yet, I was disappointed to learn that Delegate Kathleen Murphy chose to vote “No” on this Resolution.

This action makes it appear that she prioritizes party politics over her oath to support the Constitution of Virginia. She should ask herself where her loyalty really lies. If she is unwilling to support the Constitution, it is time for her to step down.

James Symanski

Great Falls