Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Parkway Problems Will Get Worse

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Parkway Problems Will Get Worse

I'm glad that you made the GW Parkway problems a major article.

I wrote to the Mt. Vernon Gazette and the Park Police two years ago about the chronic reckless speeding on the Parkway.

I have seen spectacular accidents over the past 9 years as I commute north and south on the Parkway between Old Town and Mt. Vernon.

I suggested speed cameras and stronger enforcement then. The Park Police told me thanks for writing and to call them if I notice anyone speeding on the Parkway.

Useless; the car would be gone by the time that they responded.

So a few years later we have had many more accidents, a death, and the GW Parkway motor speedway has not changed.

Maybe by the Mount Vernon Gazette making the problems front page news something will be done.

I understand no traffic lights or speed bumps due to the aesthetics of the Parkway. Why not speed cameras? In a short period, most people would slow down.

It would mean great revenue for the Park Police too.

People turning left across traffic is a major problem as they misjudge the vehicle coming at them at 80 MPH in a 45 MPH zone.

Easily 80 percent of the problems are Maryland or D.C. plates.

The poor tourists that visit Mt. Vernon take their lives in their hands just driving down the GW Speedway.

I totally agree that something must be done. Identifying the problem does not fix the problem.

Gino and Cathy Shoults