Letter to the Editor: Appreciative Leaders

Letter to the Editor: Appreciative Leaders

It was an honor having a chance to meet our U.S. Sen. Mark Warner on a evening of a little shopping at a nearby CVS. Of course I share a sense of respect for being able to question our leaders of our nation in any capacity. There’s so many questions but all I could do was ask a simple question: "Has anyone ever told you, you look a lot like Mark Warner?” He smiled and replied, “Yes, I am he.” And I said, “Hi, nice to meet you, I'm Geri the activist” etc. We talked and he was so nice and polite. Thank you. It was awesome.

Then I get home and checked my mail. There was this little postcard that I started to throw in the trash. It seemed to be junk mail but I waited until I got inside. It read: “Activist Geri On The Behalf of All The Seniors of The Heritage At Old Town” and I kept reading. It was from the Democrats of the District of Columbia about former President Barack Obama thanking Me for all my support. It read: “I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for standing by my side these past eight years. Nothing we accomplished during my time in office would have been possible without your support. I know that I can count on you to continue to stand with Democrats in the months and years to come.

Thank you so much

Barack Obama”

Thank you Mr. Barack Obama for your service to us, the people, our country, our nation.

Activist Geri Baldwin