Letter to the Editor: An Arlington Woman Who Makes a Difference

Letter to the Editor: An Arlington Woman Who Makes a Difference

Throughout the history of the U.S., communities continually change and evolve. Many change for the better but sometimes they do not. One factor that we can say is consistent with communities, the components and organizations that comprise them cannot function without people. People who stand-out, set a positive example and provide guidance and leadership for others to follow. One such person, Karen L. Bune of Arlington has not only been a positive role model but throughout her life has touched countless people and made their lives better.

Karen has worked in public servicer for over three decades most notably in the law enforcement field not as a uniformed sworn officer but as a civilian public servant. Karen’s 18 years of experience in Victim’s Services is the highlight of her career. Her work in “domestic violence” services not only in counseling victims, but as a consultant within the Department of Justice and as a trainer to a myriad of organizations throughout the U.S. has been recognized and formerly cited for special awards.

Karen’s work in victims services is only the tip of the “iceberg” when it comes to her many skills and talents. She is a free lance writer and an “Expert Contributor/writer” for law enforcement publications. She is listed in the “Who’s Who” of American Professional Women.

Karen’s contribution to victims of crime stands alone and is the biggest reason she is considered a “woman who makes a difference to all who come in contact with her professionally and otherwise.

Charles E. Flinn III,

Captain Ret.

Prince Georges County, Md.

Fire/EMS Department