An Open Letter to Sen. Mitch McConnell

An Open Letter to Sen. Mitch McConnell

Dear Senator McConnell,

While we may disagree on many issues, I respect the office you hold. I was taught that the office of Senator was one to be executed with respect and dignity. Because of this, I am appalled at your conduct toward Senator Warren on the Floor during the Sessions debate. The office you hold is bigger than your party. There are young children (my children, to be specific) looking to you as an example of someone to be held in the highest esteem. Rather, I had to explain to them why you would dismiss a reading of the words of Coretta Scott King; a national hero, whose story they are learning about in school. I explained to my children that Mrs. King was the true definition of a patriot. She and Dr. King changed the world with both their unapologetic love and their refusal to cower to the oppressors trying to silence them.

Now I will say thank you. Because of your shameful behavior, I’ve had the opportunity to teach my children the difference between standing up for what’s right and trying to silence the truth for personal gain. Because you’re a father yourself, I’m sure you know that tangible examples are always more effective than fables, so I predict this one will linger in their memory banks. Subsequent to watching the Senate confirmations unfold, my 7-year-old daughter has announced that she wants to be President when she grows up. Who knows, maybe seeing you bully Senator Warren on the Floor was what pushed her to this resolution! She is being raised to value truth, honor and respect for her fellow citizens above greed and bigotry and, in part thanks to you, she will be an extraordinary civil servant.

Andrea Petersen