Letter to the Editor: Same Old, Same Old

Letter to the Editor: Same Old, Same Old

I expected better. Instead of demanding the removal of impediments, large and small, that hobble the creation of wealth, the Democratic Party faithful who gathered recently in Alexandria clamored to keep the Federal trough full. Don’t mess with affordable health care foremost. To make it easy to lobby our elected officials, the Gazette publisher, using her platform, provided their phone numbers.

Here’s what they didn’t do: Neither the Gazette publisher nor the Democrat activists had the temerity to even obliquely observe that Uncle Sam is nearly out of money. Unless Federal revenues are increased, more debt is authorized or expenses decreased, or some combination of the three, the Federal government will not have enough funds by 2019 to pay for anything other than defense, a constitutional mandate, and entitlements, e. g., Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

What the Democrats did do was lambast Senator Warner. They found him derelict for opposing a path allowing U.S. citizens to purchase drugs from Canada where they are cheaper. Not a single one wondered why the same drug produced by the same firm is cheaper there than here.

If they did, then surely the senator would have explained there is a law, passed by Congress, forbidding the Federal government from using its massive purchasing power to obtain lower drug prices for Medicare Plan D participants. Now there’s something to rail against. Unshackle those chains that keep Uncle Sam from negotiating a better deal, or at least the same deal the Canadians get for its citizens from many of the same drug companies.

But best of all would be if the Democrats figured out that money is not wealth; it’s just the means by which wealth is conveyed. When they figure out how to enable the creation of wealth, the wellspring from which all tax revenue flows, and implement policies toward that end, then they will be a political movement to heed. Until that metamorphosis, they will be the same old tax and spend gang, tiresome thus.

Jimm Roberts