Letter to the Editor: A Man of Integrity in Alexandria

Letter to the Editor: A Man of Integrity in Alexandria

I congratulate Congressman Beyer for his decision not to attend the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States. Although Trump lost the popular vote by nearly three million votes, Donald J. Trump is our new President by virtue of the Electoral College. Let’s not forget that fact.

Congressman Beyer’s decision did not delegitimize the new President. His actions as a candidate, President Elect and now our President has cast doubt on his preparedness and ability to serve as Commander in Chief of the United States. The congressman and many others, approximately 70 Democratic House members, did not want to reward bad behavior that continues daily.

Beyer outlined in a letter to his constituents that he could not be a part of legitimizing a man whose election may have depended on malicious interference of Russian leaders; a person who lies profusely and without

apology; and demonstrates his lack of respect for the disabled, women, and people with different spiritual beliefs.

Thanks Congressman for standing up for your beliefs. It’s going to be a long, difficult battle.

Susan and Dave Cavanaugh