Letter to the Editor: Disappointed by Coverage

Letter to the Editor: Disappointed by Coverage

I've been a weekly reader of the Alexandria Gazette for many years. I was shocked when I saw the headline, and then read the story, titled, "Democratic Disunity", in your Jan. 19, issue.

Did the writer of the story attend the same rally that I attended? First, there were more than 100 attendees; I would put the number at approximately 600. This was not a ragtag, small group of people, it was a full-fledged rally of supporters for the healthcare of people in Virginia and nationwide. The pictures on the front page of your paper made it look as though the event had three attendees and it was all about U.S. Sen. Mark Warner, who, incidentally, spoke to the group along with the many other officials, including Congressmen Don Beyer and Gerry Connolly.

To headline the story as "Democratic Disunity" was unfair to Democrats in general, (I'm not sure that all of the attendees were Democrats — concerned citizens would work as a descriptor) to the rally organizers, speakers, and attendees, and to readers of your newspaper. Those who gave up their Sunday afternoon to be present were united in their concern about people having access to healthcare. That was the focus of the rally.

The Gazette Packet has offered fine and fair articles on many issues and events relating to our city and beyond. This story was not one of them. Please do not resort to sensationalism.

Marianne Anderson