Letter to the Editor: Economic Oppoortunities

Letter to the Editor: Economic Oppoortunities

When Bob McDonnell was Governor, he named his Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling “Chief Jobs Creation Officer.” Only one candidate in this year’s race for Lieutenant Governor has the ability to be given that title: Glenn Davis.

Glenn Davis can be Virginia’s next Chief Jobs Creation Officer because he is already one of Virginia’s chief job creators. Glenn is a small business owner with over 15 years of entrepreneurial and executive experience. He knows what it takes to move Virginia’s economy forward into the 21st century.

As a young Virginian who is new to the workforce, I want to make sure that our Commonwealth has the economic opportunities to allow me and my peers to pursue lucrative careers. That’s why on June 13, I will be supporting Glenn Davis for Chief Jobs Creation Officer — and Lieutenant Governor.

Peter Finocchio