Getting Involved — Meet a Volunteer

Getting Involved — Meet a Volunteer


Lindsey Swanson

Spring for Alexandria Community Service Day, May 12. This year, we will work on school gardens, help the city repainting fire hydrants, get the gardens and decks ready for adult club houses and transitional housing, and much more. It’s not too late. Interested in volunteering? Visit

Meet Lindsey Swanson, an employee of Gravitate Solutions, who has volunteered in the Spring for Alexandria Community Service Day for several years and will again this year.

Lindsey, why do you volunteer?

As a lifelong Alexandrian, I love giving back to this wonderful community in any way I can.

What is your favorite volunteer experience?

I have several: Working on beautifying group homes that help support individuals in our community, who need a little extra help to get back on their feet, after trying times. I particularly enjoy assisting Therapeutic Recreation participants to bat the ball and run the base at Miracle League of Alexandria baseball games.

What was one time you knew you made a difference?

When the residents of an elder care home in Alexandria, whose lobbies and stairwells we painted and beautified, thanked us extensively. They were so excited to see people helping to take care of and improve their space.

How old were you when you started volunteering?

Five. My mom would take me to help out at various events for local ACPS schools, and city-wide events. She and my dad instilled in me a passion for continuously trying to make our community a better place however I could.