Tireless Advocate for the Community

Tireless Advocate for the Community

Letter to the Editor

— To the Editor:

I am proud to go to work at a local small business. Small business is the backbone of the American economy, employing 55 percent of Americans. However, I’ve watched it become increasingly more difficult to survive under the onslaught of federal regulations and taxes thrown on small businesses. I work at a small technology company that provides learning solutions for non-profit, corporate and government clients. I see firsthand the burden that my hardworking employers carry every day. They have to navigate local government regulations, tax implications and the rising cost of providing insurance to employees

We need leaders in Washington who are going to relieve this burden and support small business. Congresswoman Barbara Comstock has shown tireless commitment to the community and small business owners. In my past dealings with her, I have found her to be extremely approachable, quick to respond to requests, and a tireless advocate for our community.

In November, I encourage not only small business owners, but also small business employees, to support Barbara Comstock for re-election because she listens and takes action.

Diane Perrino