Arlington Brief: Planning To Divert Waste

Arlington Brief: Planning To Divert Waste

The Arlington County Board resolved to explore developing a Zero Waste Goal on Nov. 19 that if implemented could divert 90 percent of the community’s waste away from landfills or waste to energy facilities by 2038.

When funded, the county’s Department of Environmental Services Solid Waste Bureau would develop a Zero Waste Plan for board consideration, which would include an analysis of existing practices and an assessment of the plan’s long-term environmental, operational and fiscal impacts.

Citing long-term increases in disposal costs and the desire to increase recycling, the board instructed the acting county manager to collaborate with the community and the county’s Solid Waste Committee to develop the Zero Waste Plan.

Arlington’s Zero Waste Resolution is the first in the Commonwealth. Should the County adopt a Zero Waste policy, it would be one of only a few dozen communities in the United States to do so.

The board voted 5 to 0 to adopt the resolution.