Alexandria Brief: Increased Traffic Safety Enforcement

Alexandria Brief: Increased Traffic Safety Enforcement

In conjunction with the Fall 2015 “Street Smart” campaign, the Alexandria Police Department is conducting increased enforcement of traffic safety laws. The campaign is an annual public education, awareness and behavioral initiative to improve safety for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists in the Metropolitan Washington, D.C. region.

Officers from the Police Department's Motor Unit are focusing on busy locations such as the areas around Metrorail stations during rush hour and the Union Street corridor in Old Town. The goal of enforcement is to encourage safe walking, cycling and driving behavior for all users.

Officers will cite pedestrians for jaywalking and motorists and bicyclists for violations of the traffic code. These include:

  • Running red lights and stop signs

  • Failure to obey a highway sign by blocking the crosswalk

  • Failure to yield right-of way-to pedestrians in crosswalks

  • Making improper turns into crosswalks

  • Failure to obey "No Turn On Red" signs, especially while pedestrians are present

  • Speeding.