Letter: Persecution By Faith

Letter: Persecution By Faith

Letter to the Editor

In Pakistan, twin bombings in the city of Lahore attacked two Christian churches during their Sunday service. What horror. I could not imagine being attacked in such a way at my place of worship. But I can relate. I am an Ahmadi Muslim of Pakistani heritage born and raised in America. Ahmadis are a persecuted community just like Christians and Hindus in Pakistan, and also face state sanctioned discrimination by the Pakistani government to the extent where they are forbidden to call themselves Muslims. Just five years ago, terrorists attacked two Ahmadi mosques in Lahore during their Friday prayers. It was a devastating time. But I am not trying to compete here with Christian life over Muslim life. Life is life no matter what. Whether it is three Muslim college students murdered at Chapel Hill in America, or Christians being slaughtered in Pakistan, we all should feel pain and shame that humanity can stoop so low to destroy one another.

Saira Bhatti