Herndon: ‘We the People’

Herndon: ‘We the People’

Supervisors Michael R. Frey and Cathy Hudgins, issued a proclamation from the entire Board on Tuesday, June 2 to recognize students at Rachel Carson Middle School in Herndon.

The 14-year-olds won the championship at the 3rd Annual We the People competition at George Mason University.

“It’s wonderful to see that middle school students are not only learning about the Constitution but learning to understand and to dissect and to debate and defend their constitutional principles,” said Frey.

The We the People, Citizen and the Constitution Program promotes civic competence and responsibility among the nation’s upper elementary and secondary students.

“You are really learning the process that’s going to make a difference,” said Hudgins.

Teacher Cindy Burgett says she organizes her six civic classes purposefully for civil discourse “with differing opinions so they can have a dialogue with people that don’t share their opinions,” she said. “They work so hard.”

Hudgins referenced a proclamation issued by Supervisor John Foust minutes before honoring McLean High School students. The Board designated June as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month.

“You don’t get to the one that Mr. Foust presented without what you are doing and defending what really is the foundation of what we stand upon,” said Hudgins. “Folks that were here before probably could not have gotten here without the work you are learning to do.”

“What a great demonstration of our youth, our young people and the promise that you hold for us,” said Chairman Bulova.

Supervisor Penelope “Penny” Gross has a copy of the United States Constitution on her desk.

“I refer to it all the time to explain to my constituents why or why not something is happening,” she says.

“As a history buff and one who grew up learning a lot about the Constitution, I appreciate what you are doing.”