Letter: ‘Gotcha’ Campaigns

Letter: ‘Gotcha’ Campaigns

To the Editor:

Enough is enough! The race to succeed Rep. Frank Wolf in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District is getting uglier by the day. If I hear one more time that Dranesville Supervisor John Foust has no respect for working woman, I’m going to be sick. While John’s comments were poorly chosen and taken out of context by Delegate Barbara Comstock to her political advantage, there are other issues to be discussed before the elections on Nov. 2. Besides, anyone who knows John Foust knows he has tremendous respect for woman in the workplace and especially working moms, who must balance work with children, education and many times, the care of elderly parents. John’s wife Marilyn is a great example. She is a highly respected medical doctor, who also juggled the raising of two boys while working in a very demanding job. No different than most of the moms who will go to the polls on Nov. 2. While I’m certain that John wishes he had not uttered that statement earlier in the campaign, everyone makes a mistake. I have great respect for those who have the courage to run for public office. I also know that one misstatement should not be used to smear the reputation of a person who has dedicated his life to public service. If the roles were reversed and Mrs. Comstock stated that John Foust never had a real job because he is a working father, it would be a mistake but one that should be forgiven and forgotten. Running for public office is hard work, and candidates sometimes say stupid things but try it someday. It’s not easy.

As a Republican, I am increasingly disgusted by the attack dog tactics used by Mrs. Comstock. This is not the Republican Party I worked for in 1980 when we elected President Reagan. One could, and probably has, written a thesis on how our political system has devolved into “gotcha” political campaigns, completely devoid of civility and respect.

The residents of Virginia’s 10th Congressional deserve better. Frank Wolf spent 34 years honorably representing us in Congress. While I did not always agree with Mr. Wolf, he always represented his views in an honorable and respectful manner, no matter who opposed him for re-election. Maybe Mrs. Comstock should explain to the voters her position on woman’s reproductive rights, funding for much-needed highway repairs, our out-of-balance tax system and our national defense. I know John’s position on these issues, but I haven’t heard Mrs. Comstock. All I hear is John Foust doesn’t think Mrs. Comstock hasn’t held a real job. We all know that’s not true. Please, have some respect for the voters of the 10th District and begin talking about something that’s worth their time and attention. We need a representative in Congress who will have the courage and wisdom to cross the political aisle and vote for the good of the people and not just the good of the party. John Foust has done this as Dranesville County Supervisor and will do so in Congress. I see no evidence that Mrs. Comstock will do the same. If you want people to show up on Nov. 2 and vote, stop talking nonsense and start addressing the problems that need to be fixed. Mr. Foust is more than prepared for this challenge.

Kevin Burke

Great Falls