Del. Filler-Corn Appointed to State Commission on Intergovernmental Cooperation

Del. Filler-Corn Appointed to State Commission on Intergovernmental Cooperation

Del. Eileen Filler-Corn (D-41) was appointed to the Virginia Commission on Intergovernmental Cooperation in April. This Commission is comprised of members of the General Assembly to promote the Commonwealth’s interest between other states and the federal government. The Commission formulates proposals for cooperation between Virginia and other states as well as formulating proposals concerning interstate contracts and conferences. Additionally, the Commission monitors and makes recommendations concerning federal policies that are of concern to the Commonwealth.


Eileen Filler-Corn

“My personal and professional experience gives me great insight into intergovernmental relationships as well as between the Commonwealth and the federal government. I can use this experience to promote the Commonwealth and increase our standing as one of the best managed states” said Filler-Corn.

Delegate Filler-Corn has served as Deputy Director of the Virginia Liaison Office under Mark Warner during his term as Governor. There she served as a contact between Virginia, the U.S. Congress, other state offices and other state governments. Filler-Corn then served as Senior Advisor for State and Federal Relations in Governor Tim Kaine’s Administration.

Del. Filler-Corn has been appointed to a term that will coincide with her term in the Virginia House of Delegates.