Letter: Sickening Obstacles

Letter: Sickening Obstacles

To the Editor:

Gov. Terry McAuliffe did the right thing with his line-item veto of the obstacles in the budget that legislators put in his way regarding Medicaid expansion. The idea that these legislators, who are probably quite well-insured, deny Medicaid coverage to low-income working people is — well, it is sickening. There must be better ways to get the funds required in future years. By their inexcusable delaying tactics, they have already wasted about a year of 100 percent federal funding for the expansion. As I trust your readers know, subsidies to pay for health insurance are not available to these very low income workers. What is left to them and their families is the very expensive emergency room care for which we all pay, in our own health insurance premiums. I am grateful to have Senator Ebbin and Delegate Krupicka representing me. Too bad their political sentiments don't spread through the rest of Virginia.

Cedar Dvorin