Meet Best Friends of Fairfax

Meet Best Friends of Fairfax

Canine companions bring happiness into owners’ lives.


Hunter (left) and Archie, happy to be outside, are content sitting together after being stuck inside all day due to storms.

Close friends and neighbors, Judy Schnoeblen and Laura Gunson of Fairfax, only become closer through their dogs, Hunter and Archie, who are also very close companions.

Goldendoodle Hunter, a large, fluffy, black dog, with a kind face belongs to the Schnoeblen family, and Mutt Archie, a large dog with brown and white hair is a member of the Gunson family. These two families have known each other for years, consequently Hunter and Archie have been friends since they were puppies.

“When they were small Hunter let Archie drag him across our front yard by his lip,” says Judy. “They always play together.”

A very smart dog, Archie performs tricks and is a fast learner. Tricks ranging from a simple sit to a Namaste Bow are some of Arches many talents. “Archie is more of a guard dog, smart with a loud bark,” says Laura.

Both dogs are well behaved and good natured and love to travel. In the car Hunter will get as close to the driver’s seat as possible, “he is my husband’s copilot in the car,” says Judy. Archie, a very curious dog, often finds himself in unusual places. “Once on vacation he had jumped on to a jet ski,” says Laura.

These two families spend a lot of time together and never forget to include Hunter and Archie. Great companions to each other and their owners, these two dogs lead full lives alongside their families.


Struggling to keep her puppy Meme still, Maria Ingham of Fairfax lovingly holds her.

Meme Joins Family

Frantically running everywhere and eager to explore beyond the confines of her leash, Bichon Frise puppy Meme is a handful for her owners Maria and Fred Ingham of Fairfax. Introducing a puppy into a home is never easy but Maria and Fred are a long-time dog owners.

“She is trying to learn and that is what’s really important,” says Maria. They had owned their previous dog Coco for many years before she passed away. “Coco was a good dog who never barked and loved people. We know that with time Meme will get there too,” says Maria. With more energy than a toddler, Meme is still learning to not jump on strangers or bark at the mailman.

“We still have a long way to go,” says Fred as he struggles to restrain the little dog.

Although little Meme is a big responsibility her owners find pleasure in her day-to-day activities. Going on walks and to doggie training classes Meme keeps her owners very busy.

Meme keeps Maria and Fred occupied and has found her place in the family. As a retired Spanish teacher Maria likes that about Meme. “She keeps me active and provides a challenge,” says Maria. “As soon as I saw her I knew she was my little dog,” says Maria with a smile on her face and Meme in her arms.


Just finishing up early morning walk owner Jackie Louie of Fairfax is ready to start the day with her dogs Bella (left) and Sandi.

Joy of ‘Hide and Seek’

Walking down the street, being dragged in opposite directions by her dogs Sandi and Bella, Jackie Louie of Fairfax is an adamant animal lover.

“They are always there ready to play,” says Jackie, who enjoys spending time with her two dogs and one cat. Her husband and children also have fun with the pets and consider them members of the family. Loyal and kind Sandi and Bella are full of energy and bring excitement to the house.

“Whenever someone new comes to the house they love to play ‘hide and seek’ to impress them,” says Jackie, “it is hilarious to watch.” Jackie explained that Bella, a much smaller dog than Sandi, can fit into smaller spaces, and despite Sandi’s size she will still attempt to hide with Bella. Clearly the two l dogs, though different breeds and sizes, are close companions.

Jackie views her pets as great stress relievers. They make her life more fun and bring happiness to her every day.

“I believe you can’t ever be unhappy with pets,” says Jackie. Having pets and being part of the community of pet owners also introduces people to others with similar interests.

“I have never had a close friend that does not own a pet” says Jackie. According to Jackie, dog owners have the best companions and also make for the greatest friends.


Basil (front), Esther (middle) and Winston (back) are eager to continue their walk with their owner Christopher Ekvall of Fairfax.

Loyal, Fun and Friendly

Working from home in a little yellow house with a picket fence, Christopher Ekvall of Fairfax is constantly surrounded by his closest companions, his three dogs Basil, Winston and Esther.

Small, slow moving dogs, with ears that hang low Basil and Winston are both Basset Hounds and Esther, a lively, light colored dog, is a Beagle. Ekvall can almost always be found out with the dogs, either playing in the yard or out on a walk.

“They are my exercise and my daily fun,” says Ekvall. “Bassets and Beagles are great dogs that I think everyone should have.” The dogs provide Ekvall with unconditional companionship, which is what he values most. Basil, Winston and Esther are part of Ekvall’s family and never fail to improve his day.

“They are always playing and happy and they make me happy,” says Ekvall. Every day for Ekvall and his dogs is exciting, they provide entertainment, protection and “they are fun to look at.” Living with his Basil, Winston and Esther there is never a dull moment, they are loyal, fun, friendly dogs and lifelong companions for Ekvall.