Letter: Focus On Education

Letter: Focus On Education

To the Editor:

This is in response to articles in the Gazette Packet dated Dec. 19, 2013. One article spoke about poverty in the classroom, it was funny that it did not mention Jefferson Houston Elementary. All I have heard people talk about is how many underprivileged students this school has and how many receive the free and reduced lunches. The article talked about how the problems at school are all a social problem outside of the school. Well, maybe in school the teachers need to be teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic instead of taking on the social problems that the children encounter outside of the school. Maybe instead of having teachers that nurture way too much, they should be focused on education. Education is the key to having our students become our future leaders, doctors, lawyers, etc. The children, all of the children, irregardless of background or financial status deserve the best education there is ….

Yes, the children deserve to have a good home life and a good life outside of school. I give my children and grandchildren all that I can, but I am not an educator, I am a parent, I am responsible for making sure my children get to school, do their work, be good people. I need the school and its teachers to teach the children reading, writing, and arithmetic so they can grow and become the people they are meant to be. We need the Opportunity Educational Institution to come in and help with restructuring this school. We need to make this school work for our students. If the current staff cannot make the difference we need then we need new blood. We also need to keep our school diverse, we need all children from all walks of life to help round out our students and to help them learn that all people are different, and yet all people are the same.

Bea Porter, Alexandria