Summertime Works Ongoing in Vienna

Summertime Works Ongoing in Vienna

Center Street rehabilitation continues.

Center Street rehabilitation continues. Photo contributed

Summertime doesn’t mean break time for the Town of Vienna. Carefully planned and funded projects continue to enhance safety and quality of life for Vienna residents and guests.

Projects completed this summer by the Town’s Public Works Department include rehabilitation of the roadway, curb, gutter and sidewalk along Echols Street Southeast between Branch Road and Delano Drive, including the intersection with Delano Drive Southeast; and construction of the missing section of sidewalk on the Maple Avenue East service drive between Saratoga Way and Westbriar Drive Northeast. The Beulah Road Northeast Walk to Downtown Project completed the missing section of sidewalk between Maple Avenue and Church Street in Vienna's commercial corridor, to provide safe routes for residents to walk to businesses, restaurants and bus stops.

Currently, Center Street South in front of Town Hall is nearing the end of reconstruction to lower the crown of the road and repave it; and sidewalk, curb, gutter and drainage improvements continue on Courthouse Road Southwest from Nutley Street to the Town line near the Dog Park. A Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Grant through the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) was utilized to assist with financing the project near the Vienna Metro Rail Station because the enhancements provide transportation options to facilitate the use of mass transit.

Also, at Nutley Street and Courthouse Road, the grant is allowing the Town of Vienna to replace the traffic signals with a 4-pole configuration that includes underground wiring and push-button activated pedestrian audible countdown signals. The old traffic signals created confusion because they did not line up with the traffic lanes.

Ongoing is the Saint Roman's Drive Pipe Stem Water Line Replacements, which entails replacing non-standard sized water mains in the four private driveways to the pipe-stem lots along Saint Roman's Drive. And, the Maple Avenue West Streetscape Project includes installation of brick pavers, landscaping and other streetscape options from the Lawyers Road/Courthouse Road intersection to the western Town boundary. This will harmonize the overall appearance of Maple Avenue. The project also includes a new mid-block pedestrian signal and crosswalk.

The intricate process for such projects entails Town staff’s involvement in planning, designing, acquiring easements, permitting, bidding and contracting services while communicating with residents and Town leaders.

Vienna Public Works staff maintains 65 miles of roadways within the Town’s corporate boundary, roughly 73 miles of public sidewalks, 131 miles of water distribution piping, 84 miles of sanitary sewer mains, and about 2,000 water valves. Public Works staff also maintains 850 fire hydrants, around 2,000 manholes, 231 decorative acorn streetlights and 895 regular streetlights.