‘Fountain of Youth’ in Great Falls Plaza

‘Fountain of Youth’ in Great Falls Plaza

Fontaine de Jeunesse Medical & Dental Aesthetics Spa opened since June 2013.


Reena Singh

Dr. Jeanette Coutin-Gentry creates a relaxing experience at Fontaine de Jeunesse Medical & Dental Aesthetics Spa.

In an unassuming Georgetown Pike plaza is a spa-like experience promising to tighten clients up without a nip and tuck.

Fontaine de Jeunesse Medical & Dental Aesthetics Spa, a self-proclaimed fountain of youth in the heart of Great Falls, has been noninvasively treating men and women of all ages since last summer.

Fontaine de Jeunesse translates to “fountain of youth” in French.

The owner, Dr. Jeanette Coutin-Gentry, started the business as a way to help other women age gracefully through menopause without being self-conscious.

“I found out that diet and exercise alone was not taking care of losing the weight,” she said.

After some research, she learned about Venus Freeze, a device that tightens sagging and wrinkled skin, reduces cellulite and contours the body without plastic surgery. The secret to the procedure is multipolar radiofrequency and magnetic fields that pulse into the skin to create collagen.

“It doesn’t hurt at all,” said Coutin-Gentry. “It feels like a hot stone massage.”

The procedure, which can take between 20 minutes and a few hours depending on the parts of the body being treated, can be done between running errands or during a lunch break because of its noninvasive nature. A television mounted on the wall plays a beach scene with waves lapping on the shore while the treatment is being done.

The Venus Freeze yields results without having the client take downtime like they would with plastic surgery, according to Jean Gallina, registered nurse.

“A lot of people are so busy that they cannot take the time to do something invasive - or they don’t want to have that type of procedure,” she said.

Tracey Kennedy, Hayfield, has had five treatments on her neck and thighs. She found Coutin-Gentry’s business after searching for a clinic that had both the Venus Freeze and friendly estheticians.

“I lost 38 pounds and had all this loose skin on my neck and thighs,” she said. “I’ve already seen great results. Really shocking results.”

Kennedy said the option is cheaper than plastic surgery and took no downtime to heal.

“Now that I’m getting the results I wanted, I’m going to get all my friends to do it.”

Pat Alden, registered nurse, says both men and women come to get work done. She said many men get their faces and necks treated while women tend to focus on their thighs. Her own husband had his hands treated to alleviate his arthritis pain.

“A lot of our customers are repeat customers,” she said. “What we find is when people come in to get one part worked on, they want to get other parts worked on after.”

The location was chosen because Coutin-Gentry thought Great Falls and McLean residents would not want to travel to traffic-congested Tysons Corner to do this type of procedure.

Other treatments include teeth whitening and Invisalign. The SkinCeuticals skincare line is sold on-site.

Fontaine de Jeunesse Medical & Dental Aesthetics Spa is located at 9889 Georgetown Pike, Suite 18, Great Falls. It is open by appointment seven days a week. To contact, call 703-677-8700.