Letter: Appreciates Extra Pool Time

Letter: Appreciates Extra Pool Time

— I wrote a letter in June bemoaning the closing of Chinquapin Recreation Center and the lack of aquatic facilities in Alexandria. I also mentioned it was too hot to swim laps outside in bath tub temperature water.

Now that the summer is over, I want to say that due to cooler temperatures than our usual sizzling summers, it has been possible to swim outdoors most days. The hours were lengthened at The Cameron Street Pool. Thanks to the hard working staff, the facility was kept cleaner than it has been in past summers. The really special gift, thanks to David Miller of the Recreation Department, was that the pool has stayed open and will remain open until Sept. 21. It is free for Alexandria residents. There is nothing like watching the clouds and sky while moving through the refreshing water. It is the best thing that has been given to our citizens in a long time. I hope we can get some extra weeks again next year. I think we would be happy to pay an entry fee if needed.

We still have a long way to go on aquatic facilities in Alexandria. There is a committee of citizens currently working on this issue. It will take the support of anyone that wants to swim in a public facility in the city since the few pools are close to reaching their spans. In the meantime, I am grateful for these extra weeks of glorious swimming.

Carol Siegel