Great Falls Voters Speak

Great Falls Voters Speak

Great Falls Voters: Who Did You Vote for and Why?


Debbie Turner

— “I support the Democratic candidates, who I believe will uphold women’s rights. I was in college when Roe v. Wade happened, and I don’t want to see us go back there. I believe in the expansion of Medicaid and the availability of health insurance for as many people as possible.”

— Debbie Turner


Kay Adams

“I’m a strong supporter of Ken Cuccinelli. He’s an extremely principled man who would be an exceptional governor. A lot of people aren’t aware of the good he’s done for this state and for Fairfax County.”

— Kay Adams


Carolyn Cuppernull

“Del. Barbara Comstock has done a lot for our children and their education. As a mother of a senior and freshman in high school, that’s what I’m interested in. She’s a proven leader, and votes the way I like on issues important to my family.”

— Carolyn Cuppernull


Carla Lanzara

“Del. Comstock has been very effective in securing more in-state college spots, which is a big deal for a lot of people. And I think Ken Cuccinellu is one of the most principled men in the state, and he’ll work hard to protect our rights.”

— Carla Lanzara


Jane Wright-Simpson

“I’m in favor of access to health and mental care for the underserved communities, particularly women, who often don’t get the care and counseling they need. And I think Kathleen Murphy will work for those interests.”

— Jane Wright-Simpson


Amy Augenblick

“It’s very important to continue to support the rights of gay, lesbian and transgender people. I’m in favor of all the lefty issues, and as the mother of daughters, I just don’t think Barbara Comstock represents my moral ground. Her vote for transvaginal ultrasounds is unforgivable.”

- Amy Augenblick