Great Falls Voter Viewpoints

Great Falls Voter Viewpoints

Who did you vote for, and what is the most important issue to you in this election?


Ken Quinn

— “Ken Cuccinelli and Barbara Comstock are at the top of my ballot. I want lower taxes and limited government and for us to take a U-turn away from Obamacare. Those are the big issues for me. Also, I think Barbara Comstock is a real advocate when it comes to transportation for this community.”

— Ken Quinn


Cherie Mulder

“I don’t want to drum up the Roe v. Wade debate, I want background checks for gun purchases and I care about women’s rights and the environment. I believe that gay rights will be the defining civil rights issue of our day, and I support anyone that works hard against that discrimination. So I’m voting for Terry McAuliffe and Kathleen Murphy.”

— Cherie Mulder


Miriam Rollin

“I’m interested in education, transportation and democracy. I believe Terry McAuliffe is serious about investing in education from pre-school to high school, and he’ll work to make our public universities great.”

— Miriam Rollin


William Dennis

“Just like the Democrats, I’m concerned about education and transportation. But Democrats want to spend more, and I think we’ve got to have restraint. I’d rather have lower taxes than more spending, and that’s something Barbara Comstock has done two terms already.”

— William Dennis


Gail Nields

“I’m voting the Democratic ticket all the way. I want sensible gun control and Del. Comstock has followed the NRA-led extreme too much. Having more background checks, not letting crazy people buy weapons at gun shows, these are all sensible things that are in the common good. But the NRA doesn’t represent gun owners, they represent the gun industry.”

— Gail Nields