Letter: A Very Proud American

Letter: A Very Proud American

To the Editor:

As a young person who voted in the presidential election for the very first time, I feel privileged knowing that despite of all the problem[s] in this country I still have the right to voice my opinion through my vote. I am of Pakistani origin, but the thought of a peaceful election or inauguration in Pakistan is a mere wishful thought.

If I lived in Pakistan and attempted to vote, I would be thrown in jail, or even killed for "violating" the blasphemous constitutional amendment. Why? Solely due to my affiliation with the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Being able to peacefully participate in an election is an honor and I am extremely grateful to be part of a country where even protests are peaceful. After viewing the Inaugural Ceremony, I can honestly say that voting is a right that individuals of every nation should be entitled to. I am a very proud Ahmadi Muslim and I am a very proud American.

Aneela Wadan