CAC Honors Auxiliary Officer

CAC Honors Auxiliary Officer

Thad Palmer praised for his dedication.

During the daytime, Thad Palmer is an AOL network engineer. But in the evenings, he volunteers as an auxiliary police officer for the Sully District Station. He volunteered nearly 300 hours in 2012 and, last week, APO Palmer was honored as that station’s Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) Officer of the Month.

“He proudly volunteers his time with us, honorably serving the community,” said Capt. Ed O’Carroll, the station commander. “He has done an excellent job on the street with his friendly demeanor and clear dedication to his duty as a police officer.”


APO Thad Palmer with his wife Brooke and children (from left) Jessica, Mitchell, Nathan and Thadius.

“Thad’s an almost-10-year veteran of the program,” continued O’Carroll. “He receives no money for the work he does; he’s a sworn police officer, but a volunteer. He works all day and comes in on weekends and evenings to do his civic duty. Thad can often be found assisting with patrol duties and helping with DWI checkpoints.”

After the school shooting in Newtown, Conn., Lt. Ryan Morgan put out a notice for more police staffing at the schools here. “So the week following the shootings, Thad left his family to go to the elementary schools and work with us,” said O’Carroll. “That was very meaningful.”

But all year ’round, said O’Carroll, “Thad steps up to the plate, like all the auxiliary officers do.” Addressing him directly during a ceremony, last Wednesday, Jan. 9, in front of Palmer’s wife and four children, O’Carroll said, “The Sully CAC recognizes you for your exemplary service to the community. We’re proud of you; congratulations.” To Palmer’s three sons, Thadius, 11; Mitchell, 8; Nathan, 6; and daughter Jessica, 12, he added, “Your dad’s service means a lot. Thank you for your sacrifice.”

Receiving his plaque, Palmer said, “I’m very humbled by this and grateful for it. Thank you all.” Also pleased was his wife of 18 years, Brooke. “We’re really proud of him,” she said. “He’s enjoying doing it. We miss him while he’s gone, but we’re glad that he’s willing and able to help the community.”