Letter: A Great First Step

Letter: A Great First Step

To the Editor:

I am sharing my story to let our community know that Delegate Comstock’s “Lyme Testing Disclosure,” House Bill 1933, is a great first step. It was six years ago when I was first diagnosed with Lyme disease.

It was then that my life took a turn I wasn’t expecting. I am writing the editor today because I want to share my story with other members of our McLean community to help spread awareness on this debilitating disease. I also would like to let our community know about issues regarding testing for Lyme disease.

One of the first steps towards a successful treatment is an early diagnosis. This is why Governor McDonnell’s signing of this legislation sponsored by our McLean Delegate Barbara Comstock was both critical and necessary. The current Lyme Disease Test conducts an examination of anti-bodies and as a result this test frequently returns a high false negative result rate. This false negative result will delay a patient in receiving the medical treatment necessary to treat this disease.

In my personal experience, it became so difficult for me to get treatment for Lyme disease here in Virginia. I was given the absolute runaround and had to travel all the way to New Jersey to seek necessary treatment to make a full recovery. I am most grateful to see Virginia’s medical climate changing with respect to this serious illness and appreciate the governor’s continued support of the Lyme disease community starting with his task force and continuing with his signature to put this law into legislation.

Nancy B.